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Lil -Star website luanched Today

21/06/2011 18:18

This website has been luanched to promote and connect upcoming artist as well as articles containing information about Sensational rap artist Fred Foley Jr. Known as Lil-Star

If you are an artist,or you just seem to love music this is the site created just for you with hundreds of  audio and video clips yet to be added this site promises to be the ship on top of the Sea.

I would like to invite and encourage young artist not to give up on thier talemnts because of lack of attention and fame and just do the music for themselves.Music was enjoyed by God and is the main method of praising him,please try not to include illicit lyrics in your songs as there are lot of young people who dont have the talent to express themselves musically but depnd on your taking the iniative to entertain and advice them through your verses.

Am intrested in anyone that has the necessary talent to be a qualified rapper,singer or Dancer. Life is not all about wearing fancy cloth or enjoying the pleasures of this life,its all about how you present your self to other people,its about how you touch the life of perople who feel so much hurt from within.Its about hoe you compose your music to impact the life of the distressed.

Your Music counts no matter how slow or fast it is,no matter what others say about it,there is some one out there waiting to hear a message of the same content you wrote.Think aand make you choice,but remember you music counts!